European Edinost is looking for articles to contribute to its second issue about politics and future of memory.

PhD students, artists and academics are invited to contribute with a short piece (max 6000 characters) on these topics:

– Alterations of online/offline histories and uses of memory to prompt discrimination. Commemorations and politics of memory, have become too often occasions to foster fractures and resentments that are fertile soil for populism and far right parties.

– will there still be memory in the future? what is going to be the future of memory, now that we can store everything in a hard disk and Google Photos remembers and creates memories for us? what kind of relationship will we have with memory in the future? what meaning will it have for us?

Abstracts (around 1200 characters) can be submited to before the 20th of March, in the following week the editorial team will comunicate which articles will be selected for the publication.
The printed edition will be out in the beginning of June an a first presentation is being organised in Wiels, Brussels.