Journal Mission & Audience


A journal for European citizens and labour migrants written by social artists, curators, migrants, activists, students and academics.

Started with the support of the European Cultural Foundation within the program Courageous Citizens and directed by the artist Alessio Mazzaro, the European Edinost (EE) wants:

  • to inform, to raise awareness and make a change via its contents

  • to give to the Eu citizens the migrant’s point of view on integration, and create a counter narrative different from the one of media and populism.

  • to bring attention to the use of memory to foster discrimination.

  • to talk about transient identities and European citizenship
  • to present and collectively develop possible (art) strategies to counter racism and Neoliberalism issues.

  • to develop a broad anti-discrimination discourse for a large-scale project of education and culture.

Through interviews to artists and migrants, and commission contents to artists and academics, the EE acts as a workshop where: “writers” and migrants can voice their story and different points of view, Labour migrants can identify themselves in similar experiences feeling part of transient European community and European citizens can find tools to counter fascisms and be part of the construction of the path for an EU citizenship. Since EE2 “What is home?”, we create every issue in collaboration with a different reality as for example an University research centre or an exhibition project.


The journal needs you to be written and communicate. Share its contents and send us your experience and point of view, you can record it at stories

If you are an institution, foundation or cultural centre and would like to receive some copies of the printed version, becoming part of the distribution net, write to