you can find your copy of European Edinost at:

– Al Buscaglione, Padova (IT)
– Beursschouwburg, Bruxelles (BE)
– BRUNO, Venice (IT)
– Café Kollektiv Kabale, Göttingen (DE)
– Centro Triestino del Libro, Trieste (IT)
– Club Voltaire, Frakfurt am Main (DE)
– European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam (ND)
– IUAV University, Venice (IT)
– La Colonie, Paris (FR)
– Libreria Zabarella, Padova (IT)
– Loughborough University, Loughborough (UK)
– Manhattan distributed hand to hand by activists collaborating in the writing,NY (US)
– Max Planck Institute for ethnic and religious diversity, Göttingen (DE)
– Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Ljublijana (SL)
– MuntPunt, Bruxelles (BE)
– National and University Library, Ljubljana (SL)
– Osteria della Rivetta, Venice (IT)
– Recyclart, Bruxelles (BE)
– Stadtlabor, Göttingen (DE)
– The Gallery Apart, Rome (IT)
– Wiels, Bruxelles (BE)

you can also download and print your copy from our website, or write to us at to receive some copies and/or to become a distribution point.