Cultural and economic migrants are invited to share their story and problems of integration in the new country, to contribute to the European Edinost.

A call to those who have emigrated to another European country to look for a job, especially those who had not studied in the hosting country – and therefore were not already partially included in the system- but the stories of all migrants are welcome.

I would like to know and to show, how you have adapted, even aesthetically, to the new country: the new habits you have taken to integrate, what you had to change to be accepted and what you took as part of the “deal”, but that maybe it was not. I desire to gather your experiences of inclusion, the discriminations you have faced and the problems in the job search, to make the host citizens understand how migrants feel, and how sometimes we have to mediate between our self and the version of us required/expected by the new country.

To contribute you can post on this website at the page Stories or send a written testimony to or a What’s up voice message to +44 7432557287

We can also arrange a Skype interview or a real meeting.

A selection of the collected material will become part of the four issues of the European Edinost I will pubblish in the 2018 and 2019. All your contributions will be published on this website.


Alessio Mazzaro